Complete Guide on Outdoor Awnings

Outdoor awnings are very useful tools to cover and protect from atmospheric agents terraces, balconies, windows, gardens and roofs but to choose the right model for your needs you need to know which fabrics for curtains to use and Of course their structure.

In fact, the main function of the outdoor blinds is to protect from the rays of the sun, wind and rain. At the same time, the curtains help to keep the house cooler, to limit the energy consumption even on the hottest days and to repair the exterior environments of the house from prying eyes.

Obviously the outdoor awnings must also have an aesthetic function as they are a decorative element, so you have to choose according to certain criteria and characteristics of the products on the market.

In this sense it can be very useful to contact an expert company in the field, which in addition to ensuring the installation of outdoor awnings can give you very useful advice on the choice, which must meet four criteria:

Type of fabric (you can choose fabrics for outdoor awnings or garden curtains in cotton, fibers 100% in acrylic, PVC, etc.)
Water resistance (to be kept in mind especially if the awning is exposed in a particularly rainy area)
Tear resistance (depending on the type of fabric used)
Aesthetics (you have to choose colors, shapes and fantasies that perfectly marry both the apartment and the whole building).

After this brief preamble, we can move on to the complete guide on outdoor awnings.
Roller Blinds

The first typology we analyze in our complete guide on outdoor awnings is that of roller blinds, which are the easiest and cheapest solution for all balconies.

You can buy them with or without arms and with hooks fixed to the railing or the floor and adjust the arm of the roller blinds on fixed positions ranging from 0 ° up to 180 °. Finally, anchoring in line with railing or parapet is also allowed.

It is also possible to access tax deductions for solar shading up to 65% for the entire 2016.

So before installing awnings, it is advisable to consult a tax professional or an experienced accountant in the field, who knows how to give you the right tips and follow all the documentation of the case.

Deductions, for example, also depend on the cost of awnings, which can vary depending on model, fabric and structure.

Outdoor awnings with extendable arms

Among the various models there are, then, the awnings for outdoor with extensible arms, which can be of three types: awnings, on Square bar and with independent lateral brackets.

The awnings with extensible arms awnings allow to protect the awning from the sun at the moment of the closure, through an enveloping aluminium shell (body), thanks to which is guaranteed total protection from the atmospheric agents.

The outdoor awnings with extensible arms equipped with a triplex chain in stainless steel or Kevlar strap on the square bar guarantee, instead, greater stability and simplicity in assembly. The arms themselves, in fact, are supported by the square steel bar.

There are, finally, awnings with extensible arms with independent side brackets or separate arms, which can be smaller than the other two versions and are among the cheapest on the market.

You can choose different versions, different sizes and motorized models, just contact an expert upholsterer or a company that is responsible for the installation of curtains to have useful information about the choice of the model.

Hoods: Outdoor Awnings, balconies, shops and villas

Our complete guide on outdoor awnings leads us to the hoods, the ideal solution for balconies, villas and shops.

Sheltered from the sun and rain, are made with aluminium accessories, plates and pulleys rope in stainless steel; The acrylic, PVC or polyester fabric is fixed to the profiles by means of stainless steel staples.

Depending on the needs and the spaces to be covered, there are different models: standard, stepped and elongated suitable for low compartments in order to obtain a greater overhang than the height of the compartment, dome with circular sector and circular beam, fixed structure and Fixed structure with curved profile.

It is possible to choose the traditional cable, winch or motorized control, but it is advisable to request information from a company specialising in the subject.
Outdoor: Garden tents, terraces and balconies

The outdoor terrace is the ideal choice for garden tents, terraces and balconies.

This type of awning is particularly suitable to cover large depths and also protect on the front, thanks to a sturdy aluminium structure with a wind deflector.

These tents, moreover, give a particular elegance to the surrounding environment, are solid and represent the ideal for the outside of restaurants, bars and ice creams or for the protection of terraces and balconies discovered, Spiazzi in front of the villas or small Independent apartments with garden.

Their operation is simple: the curtain fabric slides on side rails in aluminium with a wind deflector and can reach the ground.


Another solution for outdoor awnings is represented by pergolas, highly technological systems that combine elegance with practicality.

The pergola models are shading structures and can be made of aluminium or wood, equipped with a folding folding tent. This tent is formed by a cloth that is fixed to a system of crosspieces, guides and trolleys, which allow the horizontal sliding.

This model is also available with a particularly innovative system of luminous and sound diffusion.

To learn how to install this innovative pergola system, you can consult a specialized company, send photos of the area to get a quote and get an idea on the cost of awnings.
Useful information

Our complete guide on outdoor awnings ends here but before you greet us we give you some useful information.

If you intend to install awnings for exteriors that go to cover balconies, terraces or windows of a condominium, you must remind yourself to ask for permission to the condominium assembly.

In addition, starting from March 1, 2006, according to EN UNI 13561, outdoor awnings must be equipped with:

CE Marking
Reference standard
Name and address of the manufacturer
Declaration of Conformity
instruction manual, use and maintenance.

On the basis of this legislation, outdoor awnings must be subjected to laboratory tests and classified in categories 0 to 3 (the higher the value, the higher the wind resistance capacity of the tent), depending on their wind resistance , a fundamental requirement for their safety.

The awnings should eventually have the voluntary labelling, which is issued by the Italian Association of Awnings, solar shading and technical closures, which represents a further guarantee of quality.

It is therefore advisable to contact an expert company in the field, known and reliable that operates in full compliance with the parameters and standards of law.