The Main Features of a Wood House

If we are considering to buy a prefabricated wood house, to escape from the urban bustle, and ask ourselves some questions with regard to its structural characteristics, it is important to know that there are many good reasons to get some positive feedback. In that regard, here’s a list with the main characteristics of a wood house.

Are cheap

First, it is important to know that the cost of wooden houses tends to be low, since the raw material is not expensive; in fact, today to protect the environment using of wood (mainly pine) that does not have an environmental impact, since they are even specially grown so as to prevent a villainous deforestation with the advantage that the structures in the end result.

Are eco-friendly

Still on the subject of respect for the environment in addition to wood that does not affect negatively, we must add that the wooden houses are environmentally friendly; in fact, various construction materials are treated without any harmful substance, starting with insulation for thermal and acoustic insulation, to the interior and exterior paint.

Are energy efficient

The wooden houses, are also indisputably ideal to obtain a substantial energy saving; in fact, this material for nature breathes, so it can provide heat in winter and cool in summer. In addition, a wooden structure, once raised can be equipped with special insulation and small solar panels that can reduce to values close to zero pollution, save up to 70% of energy.

Are fire

Wooden houses are also fire resistant; in fact, numerous tests have shown that the risk of fire compared to a traditional masonry structure, is virtually halved. Much of the credit also goes to the technicians who analyzed (and still do) the reaction of substances and materials to ensure safety, in terms of the fire resulted from fires or for spontaneous combustion.

Are earthquake-resistant

In the picture attached to this step, you can see two plastic models compared, which clearly indicate that the wooden houses have also another excellent structural feature, perhaps the most important of all; in fact, earthquake-resistant and therefore guarantee safety, as well as a good investment, since you should never intervene (even after an earthquake), which often happens with masonry structures.

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Home decorations for 2016: ideas and tips

How to create decorations for 2017, and make your home cozy, tree, and table.

New years 2017 is approaching, and many ideas can be realized to decorate your home and make it more comfortable and more beautiful. The New Years spirit at this time feels much, and to make it truly yours, because not made by only a few objects and decorations for your home?

How to decorate in an original way the home tree

The first thing we think about when approaching this period is definitely the home tree. Whether you choose a natural tree, whether we possess fake one, you need to add objects to adorn. Usually we carry with us from year to year old balls and lights enclosed in a box in the attic, but you can also change! If you are tired of the usual objects hanging from the branches, here are some original ideas to beautify the tree.

Obviously, if you can afford it, choose a larger timber: the more impressive and more will leave everyone speechless. Instead of using the classic red balls, we suggest a return to the past: in fact you can hang homemade cookies from you, in the shape of teddy bears and snowmen or pellets, drawn with the colored sugar. Or you can use dried fruit, like the slices of dried orange, but also cinnamon sticks and vanilla, tied with pretty ribbons of red or gold colored satin. They are not only beautiful, but also fragrant.

Alternatively, you can opt for a monochrome tree, choosing colors like white, pink, blue, or the more traditional red and gold. If you have a minimalist spirit, opt for a sun lights fir. Many small lights scattered on the branches, there is nothing more elegant and chic.

Arrangements for table and fireplace 2017

Try, if possible, to decorate the house with some consistency. This means that objects that equipment must have a common thread. If you have made a completely white tree, everything else must be white. For New Years centerpieces can pick. To achieve them by yourself you can just use a nice big pot, maybe silver, and red above the pine branches with some pine cone and complete it by placing in the center of the candles.

If you are lucky enough to own a beautiful fireplace, why not embellish that too? Just ask a real or fake garland green in color, adding some ball and ribbon. Here, too, filled with candles where possible. And finally hang the classic socks give warmth and they immediately think of the children.

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